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Welcome to the HQ Network hub for the Department of Geographical Aberrations, usually known as DOGA, and informally as the Pyro Department. To those of you viewing this from outside PPC HQ - and we know there are a few of you - perhaps a few words of introduction are necessary.

The Protectors of the Plot Continuum is an organisation dedicated to the eradication of bad fan-fiction, or 'badfic'. As part of the Canon Protection Initiative, Agents of the PPC utilise portals to travel into the Word Worlds, seek out the causes of badfics - not the authors, but their representatives in the stories - and eliminate them.

The Department of Geographical Aberrations is one of many Departments in the PPC, each with their own areas of specific interest. In the case of DOGA, the Agents' mission is twofold:

  • In many cases, badfics feature geographical compression; journeys that should take days or weeks are accomplished in a matter of hours, or (occasionally) vice versa. This cannot be affected directly, so DOGA Agents eliminate the source of the distortion - usually a Mary-Sue or an Author possessing a Canon character.
  • Far less common, but more dramatic (not to mention easier to identify), are non-canonical locations. In well-mapped Canons, it is possible for an Author to create a new location that simply does not exist in the world in question. Here, DOGA Agents have two tasks - to eliminate the source of the corruption, as before, but also to destroy the uncanonical locations. It is here that the Department's nickname is explained: the favoured method of destruction is burning on a massive scale.
There are many more details, but the above contains what you need to get you started. The links below will take you to the various sub-pages of our sibling site, on which you will find much, much more.

~Agent Terri Ryan, DOGA Archivist


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