Agents Dafydd and Selene

Dafydd Illian and Selene Windflower were our first Agents in DOGA. They were here before me; it was Dafydd who, along with the Bonsai Mallorn, founded the Department. Now, of course, Dafydd is retired, and here, at last is a complete listing of his mission reports, or at least the well-written ones. There's one which just repeats "I hate her I hate her I hate her" a few hundred times, I haven't put that one in.

~Agent Terri Ryan, DOGA Archivist


The First DOGA Tale

The Second Beginning
The Agents Meet

More Than Ordinary
Our First Kill

Another 'Sue Bites The Dust

Interlude 1
In between missions, Dafydd and Selene wander HQ

Daughter of Desire
Let's hunt some 'Sue...

The Child of Susan Sto Helit
Death on the Discworld

Al and Death
Death, meet 'Sue. 'Sue, meet Death...

Two Worlds United
Where is Selene these days?

Echoes of the Narbeleth
Selene returns to face Princess Sue

The Blood of Those Betrayed
Canon? What's that?

Not So Simple
Elf and Drow versus Werewolf

Woodsprite of the North
She can do what now?

Interlude 2
What do you do after a mission like that?

Brown DragonRider of Pern
A triple mission in a newly-opened fandom

legolas, by Laura
DOGA versus a legendary evil

Dafydd and Constance encounter the Multiverse Monitor

Celebrian - The Mission
No words to describe the horror (Temporarily down)

After Midnight
Day Shall Come Again

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